Particle Abstractions

Abstract Paintings “Landscapes dissolve into data packets, language turns into strings before collapsing into long ships that sail to Egypt and emerge reborn as shimmering gold and prussian blue musical scores.”

Martin Mills,

Invisible Ascent painting
A Place for the Fantastic painting
Impossibly Entwined panting
Over Us at Evening Christian McLeod
Secret Ability to Surprise painting
oil painting by Christian McLeod
House - christian mcleod
Perhaps They Never Existed christian mcleod
Rotterdam 010 harbour christian mcleod
oil painting by Christian McLeod
Midnight Shops
Nights Reflections Christian McLeod
Surfacing Waters Christian McLeod
Cedar Network
Sky Follow Shore Christian McLeod
christian mcleod
Ledge Waters christian mcleod
Rain Pools christian mcleod
Reappear Christian McLeod
Turner Sun Christian McLeod
Ledger Christian McLeod
Myth Christian McLeod
Night Chatter - Painting