Large Paintings

Large Abstract paintings on canvas, Christian McLeod lets flow his impasto gestural foliage and particle abstractions with his deep resonant blues and whites, recalls Paul-Emile Borduas’ superb automatiste expressions. McLeod brings a new energy to abstraction.

John K Grande.

oil painting by Christian McLeod
Balcony Pots christian mcleod
We Loose Ourselves painting
Invisible Trillium christian mcleod
Iris Imagined painting
Iris Bay painting
Gold Particles painting
flying harbour painting
Iris Intuitions christian mcleod
painting for sale
Over Us at Evening Christian McLeod
christian mcleod Butterfly Shadow
House - christian mcleod
Cedar Network
Surfacing Waters Christian McLeod
Ledger Christian McLeod
Myth Christian McLeod
unknown city Christian McLeod
Parallel Latitudes - Christian McLeod
Sky Follow Shore Christian McLeod
Invitations to Beauty christian mcleod
christian mcleod
The Skys Imagined Christian McLeod
oil painting by Christian McLeod