Foliage Abstractions

Foliage Abstractions Paintings on canvas explore the beauty and life and seasons and the ever changing foliage of our earth.

oil painting by Christian McLeod
Secret Ability to Surprise painting
Balcony Pots christian mcleod
We Loose Ourselves painting
Summer Pots christian mcleod
Depiction of a Christian McLeod Painting
Bass and Trumpets paintings
Beside Clouds painting
Above Sky painting
Into the Garden Christian McLeod
depicting a christian mcleod painting
depicting a christian mcleod painting
Invisible Trillium christian mcleod
Arching Beauties Christian McLeod
christian mcleod Butterfly Shadow
The Early Arrival of Light painting
Building Different Homes Christian McLeod
Dusk Blooms christian mcleod
Hot Pepper Lights Christian McLeod
Blooming Dreams christian mcleod
Terrace Blooms christian mcleod
The Beauty of Land Overflows Christian McLeod
The Observer christian mcleod