Explore the Catalogue Raisonné of Christian McLeod’s Abstract Paintings Archive. Uncover the paintings of a remarkable artistic journey.

“The textures are less wrapped up in potential and recreated mythologies than they are in the sensation of painting for and of itself. McLeod paints a world of image fragments, objects, sensations, replete with fragments of architecture, light, land-forms, military and urban structure. He is a painter whose process is about consciousness engaged with the real world of perception whatever the source.”

John K. Grande

oil painting by Christian McLeod
Secret Ability to Surprise painting
Balcony Pots christian mcleod
Summer Pots christian mcleod
Christian McLeod Habitat
oil painting by christian mcleod
Invisible Trillium christian mcleod
Depiction of a Christian McLeod Painting
Iris Imagined painting
Into the Garden Christian McLeod
Iris Bay painting
depicting a christian mcleod painting
Refelection Christian McLeod
Gold Particles painting
flying harbour painting
Iris Intuitions christian mcleod
painting for sale
depicting a christian mcleod painting
Traveling Particles
christian mcleod Butterfly Shadow
Cascade Particles christian mcleod
Scarlet Point Christian McLeod
The Early Arrival of Light painting
Lake Shore Towers christian mcleod
the gate christian mcleod
Night Harbour 010 Christian McLeod
Building Different Homes Christian McLeod
Dusk Blooms christian mcleod
House - christian mcleod
Ledge Waters christian mcleod
Perhaps They Never Existed christian mcleod
Cedar Network
Surfacing Waters Christian McLeod
Rain Pools christian mcleod
Ledger Christian McLeod
Turner Sun Christian McLeod
Myth Christian McLeod
Honey Christian McLeod
Along Roads and Blooms christian mcleod
Language Above Clouds Christian McLeod
Hot Pepper Lights Christian McLeod
Cloud Particles Christian McLeod
Midnight Shops
unknown city Christian McLeod
Sol Particles painting
Blooming Dreams christian mcleod
Parallel Latitudes - Christian McLeod
Nights Reflections Christian McLeod
Shifting Plateaus Christian McLeod
Terrace Blooms christian mcleod
Sky Follow Shore Christian McLeod
Invitations to Beauty christian mcleod
Agua Blanca Christian McLeod
Rotterdam 010 harbour christian mcleod
christian mcleod
The Skys Imagined Christian McLeod
Cross Town Christian McLeod
Particle Waters Christian McLeod
The Beauty of Land Overflows Christian McLeod
The Observer christian mcleod
Night Chatter - Painting
Tommy Douglas
Tag Street Christian McLeod
oil painting by Christian McLeod