Out of Studio

Tegel Airport, Berlin.

It was just about a year ago, before the days of Covid, my wife and I flew in and out of Berlins Tegel Airport, an airport that was like no other. The airport no more. I talked with my mother who is from Berlin and she remembers and said.. Read More

Jacob Lawrence at the Met and MoMA

In 1996, the activist artist found inspiration at two of his favorite museums. The discussion that followed, with a Times critic, revealed a man of his generation, whose art is as timely as ever. Panel 10 of “Struggle: From the History of the American People” (1954-56). Read More

‘The perfect pop star’..

Why Marc Bolan was ‘the perfect pop star‘, by Elton John, U2 and more ‘I drive a Rolls-Royce / ’Cos it’s good for my voice’ … Marc Bolan in 1973. Photograph: Roger Bamber/Rex/Shutterstock The T Rex singer captivated generations with his strutting music and… Read More

Selling Its Only Jackson – Artnet

I feel like there will be lots more of these news stories to come. ‘A New York Museum Is Selling Its Only Jackson Pollock Painting at Christie’s to Fund Acquisitions of Work by Women and Artists of Color’… Read More

Masomenos – Always On

Current playlist on the stereo most times of the day in the studio is Masomenos. I find their endless energy, music, visual treats and collaborations truly inspiring. “AT THE STUDIO ” – RECORDING STUDIO & STUDIO HC – “Over the years our studio has moved… Read More

Tommy Douglas

Ron Hawkins Tommy Douglas Tuesdays

I remember on a very dark April 2020 night, the Covid pandemic racing all over the world, I was given a great surprise by Ron Hawkins. He announced his ‘Tommy Douglas Tuesdays’ live sets via his Facebook feed and he had one of my Tommy Douglas portrait paintings as one… Read More